(Note: while this page is under construction, some of the partnerships listed are pending agreement.)

Media partners

The following UK-based media partners regularly produce media content that is aligned with the mission of Transhumanist UK:

  • FutureSnaps: A YouTube channel hosted by Daily Express journalist James Bickerton
    • FutureSnaps features interviews about “how science could transform human society and political structures”

  • Ragged Utopia: A Radio Hydrogen podcast hosted by Rusty Burridge
    • Ragged Utopia is about science, technology and freedom creation, to “make the world a better place”

International partners

The following international partners share the aspirations of Transhumanist UK to “make transhumanism real” and to make their country, locale, or region transhumanist.

Partners are listed only

  • Where there is recent evidence of regular activity and open communication
  • And where the organisation explicitly supports transhumanism.



North America

More details coming soon.

Think tank partners

The following think tank partners produce publications that develop and analyse transhumanist ideas of particular relevance to Transhumanist UK:

More details coming soon.

Event partners

The following UK-based event partners regularly host events on themes aligned with the goals of of Transhumanist UK:

More details coming soon.

Consultancy partners

The following UK-based consultancies can provide advice about the impact of transhumanism on business, society, politics, the environment, philosophy, and culture:

More details coming soon.

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