Transhumanist UK Campaigns

This page lists campaigns and projects where help will be welcomed!

The campaigns and projects are numbered C1, C2… for ease of later reference.

If anything here catches your attention, and you’d like to become more involved, you can use this invitation link to join the TranshumanistUK Slack. Three of the channels you’ll find there are:

  • #1-welcome: “Introduce yourself. Let us know more about you: What’s your story? What are you into? Where are you based?”
  • #2-campaigns: “Which campaigns and projects are people interested to help? Use this channel to share your thoughts about priorities.”
  • #3-insight: “Propose and discuss potential new Insight articles before they are released.”

By the way, there’s no need to spend a lot of time deciding exactly which one of the campaign ideas below might be the very best fit for your own talents and ambitions. Instead, once you find something that seems like at least a partial fit for how you can participate, apply yourself to that for a while, before taking stock of other possible ways you can help advance the goals of the organisation.

C1: More campaigns to be announced

Beyond the items already listed below, what would you suggest as a priority?

Which kinds of campaign are likely to have the biggest positive impact, without generating unnecessarily adverse reaction?

Is the best approach the one expressed in this statement (from the conclusion of a Transhumanist UK workshop from a couple of years ago)?

Influence the influencers, educate the educators, and inspire those who can, in turn, inspire others.

C2: Website refresh: text and graphics

What improvements can be made to the text on the main pages of this new website?

Distinctive new public domain graphics will be particularly welcome.

C3: Streamline the creation of “Insight” content

How can be improve the content, impact, flow, and reach of the material published via our Insight blog?

At present, there’s a channel in the Transhumanist UK Slack that can help with this process. Who is able to streamline this operation and make it more effective?

C4: Transhumanist UK online conference

Transhumanist UK is in the early stage of planning an online conference for some time in the second half of 2021.

Provisionally, the headline title of the conference will be “Making transhumanism real. Making the UK transhumanist”.

What are the key opportunities and risks that should be considered in planning and hosting such a conference?

C5: Community engagement

What are the best ways to maintain engagement with people who express an interest in Transhumanist UK?

What social systems (including 1-1 interactions) and project systems are most likely to convert a passing interest into longer-term actions?

Are there members of the community who have a special aptitude to looking after the relationships that others have with the community?

C6: H+Pedia reboot

H+Pedia is a collaborative transhumanist project to spread accurate, accessible, non-sensational information about transhumanism, including radical life extension, futurism and other emerging technologies and their impact to the general public.

H+Pedia is implemented as a wiki using the same underlying software as Wikipedia.

Since its foundation in the second half of 2015, H+Pedia has received strong support from members of Transhumanist UK. It has grown to contain over 3,000 pages, with more than 27,000 edits having been made to the content.

Over the last 12-18 months, the growth of H+Pedia has slowed.

What can be done to help reboot the H+Pedia project, and to generate more momentum and impact?

C7: Transcending the GDP

The shortcomings of the GDP as a measure of the health of an economy are well-known.

What does transhumanist insight have to say about a potential replacement for the GDP?

C8: Accelerating the impact of UK R&D

The UK government has issued a policy paper with the stated vision “to attract global talent, cut unnecessary bureaucracy and cement the UK as a world-leading science superpower”.

In an “Insight” article, Transhumanist UK has already provided an initial response to the government’s paper.

How should that conversation be progressed, and what practical steps should be taken?

C9: Demonstrations of present-day transhumanism

What are the best examples of putting transhumanism into practice?

What can we highlight, in terms of technology enabling the overcoming of destructive or limiting aspects of human nature, for individuals, communities, organisations, locales, or countries?

C10: Inter-personal coaching

Being effective, at either the individual or group level, is partly a matter of making good use of tools and other technology (see C8 above), and partly a matter of receiving and acting on good advice from others from whom we are able to learn.

What systems and processes can be set up, to highlight and transmit best practice by transhumanist individuals and groups (whilst recognising that circumstances and personalities can vary considerably, so there is no “one size fits all” approach)?

C11: Supporting our media partners

The media partners listed on the page of Transhumanist UK Partners will welcome help to increase the calibre and potency of their outreach activities.

C12: Raising and using funds

What would Transhumanist UK do differently, if it had access to funds of, say, tens of thousands of pounds?

With a specific vision in mind for using financial reserves, what would be the best way to raise such money?

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