Chris Monteiro
Lead contributor and co-admin of H+Pedia
Researcher into dark net and cyber crime

image-2 Martin Heyam Bielecki

Thomas James O’Carroll
Video podcaster
Horticulturist and landscaper

David Wood
Chair of London Futurists
Executive Director of Transpolitica

More details coming soon


David Pearce
Online writer since 1996 on how technology will abolish suffering in all sentient life
Co-founder of the World Transhumanist Association (later renamed Humanity+)

Kate Levchuk
Futurist blogger at Kate Goes Tech and contributor at Forbes
Publisher of Transpire

Julian Snape
Co-founder of the UK Transhumanist Association at the start of the 2000’s
Advocate of UBI in the UK

AS Angela Shurina
Productive Brain Nutrition and Lifestyle: do more, do better – change the world!

TC Tony Czarnecki
Managing Partner, Sustensis

Jenina Bas
Strategy consultant and reputation management advisor

Alexander Karran
The UK’s first transhumanist parliamentary candidate
Postdoctoral Fellow at HEC Montréal


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