The best examples of making transhumanism real?

Published on 3 August 2020.

Transhumanist UK today announces a campaign to draw attention to the best examples of making transhumanism real. The organisation is asking its network of friends and supporters to nominate or volunteer cases of technology that enables the overcoming of destructive or limiting aspects of human nature.

Transhumanism is the philosophy that regards human nature as a work in progress. Just as technology enables the transformation of nature as a whole – via agriculture, buildings, transport, medicine, and much more – so also it enables the transformation of human nature. Developed and applied wisely, the results of such a transformation could be profoundly positive.

Humanity in the 2020s, more than ever before, has the ability to selectively resist and intelligently rewrite the tendencies and instincts we have inherited from eons of biological evolution and millennia of cultural evolution.

Transhumanists look forward to transcending four long-standing sets of human weaknesses and collective biases:

1. The possibility of transcending physically deleterious tendencies towards decay, disease, and decrepitude

  • Via the attainment of Super longevity:
    • Significantly improved physical health, including indefinitely longer lifespans

2. The possibility of transcending cognitively irrational tendencies towards mental blind spots and collective stupidity

  • Via the attainment of Super intelligence:
    • Significantly improved thinking capability

3. The possibility of transcending emotionally self-defeating tendencies towards depression, alienation, vicious emotions, and needless suffering

  • Via the attainment of Super wellbeing:
    • Significantly improved states of consciousness

4. The possibility of transcending socially antagonistic tendencies towards xenophobia, divisiveness, deception, and the abuse of power

  • Via the attainment of Super democracy:
    • Significantly improved social inclusion and resilience, whilst upholding liberty and diversity

Transhumanist UK wants to hear from you: What are the most interesting examples that are already taking place, here and now, of this kind of overcoming and transcendence? Which individuals, communities, organisations, locales, and countries, deserve the most attention for their experiments and accomplishments? And what are the key lessons to learn from these examples?

We’ll feature cases -both the good and the bad – in our future news articles, in forthcoming podcasts, in videos, and, potentially, at a conference later this year, “Making transhumanism real”, that is currently in the early stages of planning.

Image credits: Gerd Altman and 4144132 from Pixabay.

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