Enhancing the metro map of transhumanism

Transhumanist UK invites collaboration to enhance the metro map of transhumanism – the classification of the different ideas and practices within the broad spectrum of transhumanism and related initiatives.

Transhumanism is a big subject. It’s based around some simple ideas, but there is lots of variation between different transhumanist projects. These project exist within a larger Venn diagram that also includes Self Modification, Longevism, Posthumanism, and Futurism.

The diagram shown above was constructed by Chris Monteiro, one of the co-founders of Transhumanist UK. Chris was the featured guest on the latest episode of the Humanity Unshackled podcast – an episode devoted to exploring the concepts that are included in the taxonomy of transhumanism.

To listen to the episode, click below:

Alternatively, listen to this episode on Soundcloud, or see the corresponding Radio Hydrogen page.

The diagram – which Humanity Unshackled host Rusty Burridge has dubbed “the subway metro map of transhumanism” – is one of the entry points to the online H+Pedia wiki. The declared purpose of H+Pedia is

to spread accurate, accessible, non-sensational information about transhumanism, futurism, radical life extension and other emerging technologies, and their potential collective impact on humanity.

H+Pedia is a collaborative volunteer project. Transhumanist UK encourages our friends and supporters to help update and improve the information it contains. Every little helps!

If you’re already familiar with Wikipedia, you should find yourself quickly at home with H+Pedia, since it uses the same underlying software engine.

Guiding principles for content in H+Pedia are described here.

There’s also a “community portal” here, for active and prospective editors of content.

We look forward to welcoming you onto that site!

Show notes:

Music: “Far Away 6,” written and performed by Sean Anthony Brennan aka Jonny Carbine & The Lowdown Dirty Dog Band.

Guest: Chris Monteiro, Co-founder of H+Pedia & Transhumanist UK, cyber crime researcher

Presenters: David Wood & Rusty Burridge

Technology, Admin, Australian FM Radio Network Liaison and Legals: Chris John Doe.

Who would you like to see featured as guests in forthcoming episodes of Humanity Unshackled? Let us know!

Published on 4 December 2020.

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