Coexisting with immature superintelligence

How should humanity manage the risks of unintentional harmful actions by “immature superintelligence”? Might immature superintelligence cause human extinction by 2050? How can humanity increase the chances of benefiting from artificial superintelligence? Is the answer for humans to hurry up and become transhuman?

In the second half of his recent wide-ranging conversation with Humanity Unshackled, Tony Czarnecki of Sustensis explored further themes from his latest book Becoming a Butterfly.

Topics covered in this part of the conversation included:

  1. Examples of what can be called “immature artificial superintelligence” progressing faster than had been expected
  2. Finding good environments to nurture beneficial improvements in AI – akin to a good environment that nurtures the development of a child
  3. Possible involvement of “transhumans” (defined, by Tony, as humans with embedded brain chips) as “governors” of advanced AI
  4. Threats posed by superintelligent humans contrasted with threats posed by artificial superintelligence
  5. The case for democratic control over technology for radical human enhancement
  6. The case to seek global buy-in for an updated universal statement of human values
  7. The case for accelerating the rethinking of multinational democracy
  8. Options for greater roles for citizens’ assemblies, as part of improved “consensual democracy”
  9. “The AI supremacists’ dilemma” – as a variant of “the prisoners’ dilemma”
  10. “The era of novacene” and the evolution of humans into posthumans.

To listen to this discussion, click below:

Alternatively, listen to this episode on Soundcloud, or see the corresponding Radio Hydrogen page.

See here for the first part of this conversation. (You can listen to the two parts in either order.)

Show notes:

Music: “Far Away 6,” written and performed by Sean Anthony Brennan aka Jonny Carbine & The Lowdown Dirty Dog Band.

Guest: Tony Czarnecki, Managing Partner of Sustensis. Links to Tony’s books:

Presenters: Rusty Burridge & David Wood.

Link to David Wood’s book RAFT 2035 mentioned during the discussion:

Technology, Admin, Australian FM Radio Network Liaison and Legals: Chris John Doe.

Content Mining, Idea Generation and Reality Checks: Craig Bowles.

Radio Hydrogen Website: Sara Bowles & Chris Doe.

Thanks also to: Bob Evans and all at Tribe FM, Willunga, South Australia (no exceptions!) and to Mysty Ben.

The imagery above includes elements from Pixabay user Gerd Altmann.

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Published on 6 May 2021.

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