Transhumanism and the Overton Window

Is it worthwhile for transhumanists to address the concept of the Overton Window?

This is the concept that the attitudes someone holds toward potentially unusual ideas – such as transhumanist topics like superlongevity, superintelligence, or superhappiness – are often strongly influenced by what that person perceives the public at large might think about the same topics. Only a limited set of ideas sit within this so-called “Overton Window” of mainstream social acceptability at any one time. Ideas outside of that window have a much harder time to receive a fair hearing.

If that understanding is correct, what can, or should, be done to move the Overton Window and thereby transform the public discussion of transhumanist themes?

Humanity Unshackled hosts Rusty Burridge and David Wood recently put these questions to guest Dean Bubley, an independent technology industry analyst, futurist, speaker and consultant, who has over 25 years’ experience in the wireless, telecoms and IoT fields. A wide-ranging discussion ensued.

Dean is the Founder of Disruptive Analysis. As @DisruptiveDean on Twitter, and through his blogs and social media, he regularly gives informed, contrarian commentary on issues of technology, disruption, policy, and regulation.

To listen to this discussion, click below:

Alternatively, listen to this episode on Soundcloud, or see the corresponding Radio Hydrogen page.

To dig more deeply into some of the ideas in this episode, take a look at:


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Published on 17 January 2022.

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