Vital Foresight and the Crisis Portal

We may be only a membrane away – a few years away – from a technological watershed which could liberate us all and take us to places unimagined, or, with roughly equal chance, destroy us just when the prize of transcendence is in sight. It seems that a “crisis portal” may be coming into viewContinue reading “Vital Foresight and the Crisis Portal”

Transhumanism and Christian Trans-Cosmic Optimism

The transhumanist project to liberate humanity from our ages-old shackles can move faster by building bridges with communities that have broadly similar goals – including writers and activists who consider themselves to be “Christian Trans-Cosmic Optimists”. With that thought in mind, Humanity Unshackled was delighted to welcome as the guest for Episode 8 the theologianContinue reading “Transhumanism and Christian Trans-Cosmic Optimism”

Transhumanism and the Overton Window

Is it worthwhile for transhumanists to address the concept of the Overton Window? This is the concept that the attitudes someone holds toward potentially unusual ideas – such as transhumanist topics like superlongevity, superintelligence, or superhappiness – are often strongly influenced by what that person perceives the public at large might think about the sameContinue reading “Transhumanism and the Overton Window”

The Biohappiness Revolution

The Hedonistic Imperative outlines how genetic engineering and nanotechnology will abolish suffering in all sentient life. The abolitionist project is hugely ambitious but technically feasible. It is also instrumentally rational and morally urgent. The metabolic pathways of pain and malaise evolved because they served the fitness of our genes in the ancestral environment. They willContinue reading “The Biohappiness Revolution”

1000 years young, with Angela Shurina

In case the transhumanist technological dawn is not quite as near as some might hope, what are the practical steps each of us can take here and now, as individuals, to boost our vitality and extend our healthy lifespan? What can be done, using methods and processes that are already available, to improve our lifestylesContinue reading “1000 years young, with Angela Shurina”

NBIC – four quadrants of radical change

The fifteen years from 2020 to 2035 could be the most turbulent of human history. Revolutions are gathering pace in four overlapping fields of technology: nanotech, biotech, infotech, and cognotech, or NBIC for short. In combination, these NBIC revolutions offer enormous new possibilities. Episode 4 of Humanity Unshackled addressed the subject of the radical changesContinue reading “NBIC – four quadrants of radical change”