Transhumanism and Christian Trans-Cosmic Optimism

The transhumanist project to liberate humanity from our ages-old shackles can move faster by building bridges with communities that have broadly similar goals – including writers and activists who consider themselves to be “Christian Trans-Cosmic Optimists”.

With that thought in mind, Humanity Unshackled was delighted to welcome as the guest for Episode 8 the theologian and author Niamh M. Middleton.

Niamh lectured in theology and philosophy in Dublin City University from 2005 to 2020. She now concentrates on her own research and writing activities. Her main research interests include the religion/science controversies and the creation/evolution debate. She is the author of two books so far:

To listen Niamh taking part in a wide-ranging bridge-building discussion with show hosts Rusty Burridge and David Wood, click below:

Alternatively, listen to this episode on Soundcloud, or visit the corresponding Radio Hydrogen page.

To dig more deeply into some of the ideas in this episode, take a look at:


Music: “Far Away 6,” written and performed by Sean Anthony Brennan.

Radio Hydrogen Artwork: Eleanor O’ Donnell.

Technology, Legals, and Australian FM Radio Network Liaison: Chris John Doe.

Radio Hydrogen Website: Sara Bowles & Chris Doe.

Published on 22 March 2022.

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